This site aims to provide insights into community currency projects around the world.

It leverages the Murmurations protocol to collate the information shown from decentralised profiles, which can be hosted anywhere on the web.

About the CCA Map

The community currency projects listed here can be filtered extensively to enable researchers to compare the various types of projects which exist, find where they are, and who they serve etc in order to reveal the synergies, overlaps and commonalities in the community currency sector.

If you are involved with a community currency project which is not listed on the map please make a profile to add your project.

About Murmurations

Using Murmurations mappers can create ‘schemas’ (collections of fields) using standardised fields, which makes the data they contain interoperable with other schemas, maps and directories – See the infographic and readme on GitHub.

Murmurations profiles can match with more than one schema thus creating a many-to-many relationship between profiles and maps, meaning that you only need to make one profile to add your project to multiple maps and directories.

This site was funded by a tiny, but generous, grant from the Community Currency Alliance, which helped us build the WordPress Aggregator Plugin that powers the site. The aggregator plugin, and other parts of the Murmurations eco-system, are open source and are a work in progress. If you would like to contribute to improving the CCA Map, or Murmurations, please get in touch – we would love your help.